Wednesday, June 22, 2016

June Layouts

Yep! LayoutS again! Close To My Heart had a really cute special paper packet only available for May, so of course we had to work it in!!!

Here is layout #1:

See why we had to work this paper in?! So pretty!

We are using the Happy Times Paper Packet, Gold Foil Tape, Gold Sequins, and Flamingo Enamel Dots.

LOVE the flowers in the matching stamp set:

And the paper is so shiny:

Here is layout #2:

A good man page for Father's Day or teenage boys!

We are using the Urban Paper Packet, Silver Foil Tape, and Triangle Durables Studs.

I dusted off my Cricut for this one:

Also shiny, but in a MANLY way:

Let me know if you'd like to join us!

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

KL June Layout Sketch

Well, I'm a day late...

But here is Kiwi Lane's layout sketch and FREE printable for this month:

And here is my sample:

Any help scrapbooking July 4th is VERY welcome!!! It always seems so repetitive...

I added a bit to the printable title:

I love making element clusters with my Kiwi Lane templates:

It helps draw attention to the photos!

Visit Kiwi Lane's blog HERE to participate and enter to WIN!!!

Monday, June 13, 2016

MWM Orchid #6

Wow! 2 in a row!

Here is Scrapbook Steals' Mid Week Mojo Orchid #6 sketch:

Here is my 2-page version:

Go to their blog HERE to see other ideas.

I used paper so old the company doesn't even exist anymore! I've been collecting supplies for quite a while now... like brads:

I know they're not "cool" anymore but I still love brads, I have tons, and darn it I'm going to use them!!!

I used some ancient label stickers (I know! STICKERS?!) to make little borders on my pages:

It was kinda fun digging in the deep corners of my stash!

There's treasure everywhere!

Monday, June 6, 2016

MWM Orchid #5

I figured it's summer, maybe I can start doing these again...?


Here is Scrapbook Steals' Mid Week Mojo Sketch Orchid #5:

And here is my 2-page version:

Honestly! When do I EVER have ONE photo of ANYTHING?! It's gotta be a double-pager...

This pretty paper is sooo shiny:

I'm awfully proud of my stamped flowers, too:

I'm trying to use my stamps more since I have a bazillion...

Visit Scrapbook Steals' blog HERE to see more cute stuff!

KL June Card Sketch

I LOVE the colors on Kiwi Lane's card sketch printable this month:

Also who doesn't love TWO card sketches?!

Here is my sample of card #1:

This one is my favorite! I'm such a sucker for a Kiwi Lane flower and a little bling...

And my sample of card #2:

Possible Father's Day card...? Might need some tweaking, but I really like the "gears" look!

Make sure you visit Kiwi Lane's blog HERE to participate and WIN!!!

Saturday, June 4, 2016

May Layout

Ummmm... oops!

Here is the layout my Close To My Heart scrapbooking group made last month:

Why is grey background so dang difficult to photograph?! Ugh!

Anyway, we used the Georgie Paper Packet, the matching Georgie Compliments, Whisper Extra Think Twine, and Aqua Enamel Dots.

The title is my favorite:

Looooong ago retired alphabet set!

I just had to use the sayings on a zip strip this time:

Perfect for the baby boy theme!

I used some of the chipboard and velum stickers to make little button borders:

I love how Close To My Heart makes everything match! Very minimal brain power and everything turns out!

Go make your own!!!