Monday, August 22, 2016

KL August Scrapbook Sketch


Still loving the Olympics!!!

I'll blog more in September...

Here is Kiwi Lane's scrapbook sketch and free printable for this month:

Here is my sample layout:

This one turned out so fun and colorful!!! I love how Kiwi Lane helps me use TONS of paper patterns without looking tacky!

GREAT printable this month:

And I LOVE all the dimension from layering 12 inch borders with card borders:

The only embellishments this cute paper needed was a few buttons and a bit of doodling!

If you haven't tried Kiwi Lane's scrapbook system yet, go browse their blog HERE. Seriously changed my scrapbooking life! Videos, Ideas, Contests, and shopping :)


Thursday, August 11, 2016

KL August Card Sketch


I got a *little* sucked into the OLYMPICS, so this is late!

Here is Kiwi Lane's card sketch and printable:

And here is my sample:

I loved the printable! I just had to use more than one word element:

Since I really wanted the words to shine, I kept the embellishments to a twine-bow minimum. But it needed something... so I chopped off the bottom of the card along the edge of my template so it's fun to open:

Add a strip of cute paper inside and you're good to go:

Bonus- less space for writing! I always feel like I'm rambling in cards...

Hurry and stop by Kiwi Lane's blog HERE to enter.


Monday, August 1, 2016

MWM Marigold #1

I'm participating in the very first sketch of a series!

Go me!!!

Here is Scrapbook Steals' Mid Week Mojo sketch Marigold #1:

And here is my 2-page version:

Yep, couldn't resist getting MORE cutouts from Out On A Limb...

Plus I had the PERFECT chocolate chip cookie paper:

AND melting chocolate chips paper:

Also who can resist Cookie Monster?!

Visit their blog HERE to make your own!

Monday, July 25, 2016

July Layouts

2 double months in a row!

My Close To My Heart scrapbooking group might be getting frustrated with me...

Layout #1:

We used the Magical Paper Packet, the Magical Sequins, and some ancient long-retired chipboard stars colored to match with alcohol markers.

I love the title:

I got the idea from a Jamberry wrap I wore for the 4th of July!

Hooray for circle cutters:

Layout #2:

We used the Florence Paper Packet, the Florence Compliments, the Florence Sequins, and the Rose Gold Foil Tape.

A perfect title just happened to come on the sticker sheet:

SO convenient!

I love any flourish stamp, and this one is no exception:

This layout did not want to photograph... everything is much brighter and rose-gold shiny:

Sorry it took so long to post Valerie and George!

Happy scrappin'!

Monday, July 18, 2016

KL July Scrapbook Sketch

Layout sketch time at Kiwi Lane!!!

Visit their blog HERE to participate and find out how to WIN!

Here is the sketch:

Here is my sample:

This is so different from my "normal" style! I LOVED it!!!

Using Kiwi Lane Mini Borders on 12x12 layouts really helps draw your attention right to the photos:

Ok, I admittedly derailed from the sketch on the right page... but I was having too much fun cutting up my swirls and splats:

The background is really not as boring as it looks! Promise!!! See:

It's embossed and shiny!

This one was FUN to make!

Monday, July 11, 2016

MWM Orchid #10

Stupid Bronchitis!!!

I am getting NOTHING done!

I forced myself to finish just this one little layout because tomorrow is my birthday and I need to do JUST ONE THING fun while I'm coughing my lungs out...

Anyway, here is Scrapbook Steals' Mid Week Mojo Orchid #10 sketch:

And here is my of course 2-page version:

Darn Out On A Limb had a sale again, so I just had to make the layout work around my new ice cream cut-outs:

The title didn't stand a chance against my super busy background! I added strips of white paper lined in pink pen and then attacked the letters with my sparkle ink:

MUCH better!!!

Make sure to visit Scrapbook Steals blog HERE for tons of cute stuff!

Here's to another fun filled night of cough attacks!

Monday, July 4, 2016

KL July Card Sketch


It's JULY?!


Here is Kiwi Lane's FREE printable/sketch for this crazy month:

And here is my sample card:

You know, normally I'm not a huge yellow gold fan... My Dad is a jeweler so I've always had options! I always choose white gold/silver when it's on my skin. But for some reason I am LOVING the shiny gold trend for scrapbooking:

Remember vellum?! LOVE the polka dots!!!

I like that I can go anyway I want with Kiwi Lane's printable sentiment:

Skiwampus and a little crazy in this case!

Make sure you visit their blog HERE to enter your own card to WIN!!!