Monday, February 27, 2017

February Layouts


It's about time, right?!

Pretty sure when they took out my teenager's tumor they took out my creativity along with it... at least for a couple of months... ;)


Here is layout #1 my Close To My Heart scrapbooking group made this month:

We used the Hello Lovely Workshop with the paper packet, matching stickers, bling, and ribbon. 

I LOVE the flower stamps that match this workshop:

Here is layout #2:

We used the Sweet Treats Workshop with the paper packet, matching stickers, bling, and 3 kinds of washi tape.

I needed a doughnut so bad making these pages:

I really appreciate the workshops Close To My Heart is offering lately!!! All the paper and embellishment matching is done for you! Just order and create!

Monday, December 19, 2016

KL December Layout Sketch

WOW Christmas is close!!!

Anyone else FREAKING OUT yet???

To help us all calm down and take a much needed sanity break, Kiwi Lane has a cute scrapbook sketch and free printable up on their blog HERE. Oh ya, you can win a prize, too!

Here is my sample:

More old Festival Of Trees pictures with my Kiwi Lane paper!

I used the printable as a journaling spot here:

Any time journaling can be made easy and cute is a good time!

I had way too much fun with my ornament templates:

But it turned out to be my favorite part of my layout!

Seriously, take a break for yourself and scrapbook for the love of Santa!!!

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

KL November Scraplift Layout

Yep, still a big fan of scraplifting!

This month we are taking our inspiration from the layout on page 143 in the first Kiwi Lane Idea Book. Visit their blog HERE to see the layout and get all the details to enter!

The layout in the book is a Christmas layout, and I'm not ready to face Christmas yet... but I LOVED the layered trees... so I made this:

See the trees?!:

I love them!

I also love this new Kiwi Lane paper I got to use!!! Pretty sure I need another pack...

Make sure you make your own and enter to win!!!

Monday, November 7, 2016

KL November Card Sketch

Holy cow it's NOVEMBER!?!

Where exactly did 2016 go...

On a less crazy note, Kiwi Lane has a new card sketch challenge up on their blog! Go HERE to check it out, print out the free printable, and enter to win!

Here is my sample:

And for those of us who don't want to face the (Christmas) music yet, I made a fall sample:

I am soooooo not ready!!!

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

KL October Scrapbook Sketch


New printable and scrapbook sketch time at Kiwi Lane!!!

To see the sketch and print the printable, visit Kiwi Lane's blog HERE.

Here is my sample:

Yes, I used my new favorite Close To My Heart Halloween paper AGAIN!

I kept the basic photo layout of the sketch, but added a few more chevrons to my background:

LOVE that I can use the templates to see how things will look before wasting pretty paper... not that ANYONE has ever done that I'm sure!

I only used part of the printable:

Sketches and printables are such a great springboard for creativity!!!

Visit Kiwi Lane's blog, make your own, and enter to WIN!

Monday, October 24, 2016

October Layouts

I LOVED this paper so much I made 2 layouts for my Close To My Heart Scrapbooking Group!!!

On both layouts we used the Jeepers Creepers Paper Packet, the Jeepers Creepers Compliments, and the Jeepers Creepers Washi Tape... which conveniently all come together in the Jeepers Creepers Workshop Kit!

Layout #1:

SUCH cute monsters!!!

Layout #2:

Definitely a sucker for sparkly black embellishments!

It's good that I am "forced" to scrapbook at least once a month!

Monday, October 17, 2016

KL October Scraplift Challenge

Kiwi Lane is starting something a little different for their bi-monthly challenges... scraplifting!!!

Can I just say I LOVE scraplifting?! Someone else already did all the creative work and you just get to build on their tried and true ideas!!! Big fan!

Our first scraplift challenge is a card from the second Kiwi Lane Idea Book on page 146.

Here is my take on it:

I didn't change much, did I? Sometimes you just don't mess with the cuteness...

Although I did add a bit of sparkle to my edges:

And of course dimension to my flower:

You have plenty of time, so check out Kiwi Lane's blog HERE and scraplift your own!