Thursday, August 30, 2012


This is my favorite club project ever!!!

A back-to-school ruler-wreath! My amazing upline Blythe (visit her blog HERE) saw something like this on Pintrest last year, and here it is! I can never keep track of an idea for a year...

Wooden rulers, paper, and buttons. Who knew?!

I am entering this in Heart2Hear's back-to-school challenge this week (visit the blog HERE) so more people can see it and copy it and EVERYONE can have one! That's how much I love this wreath!

Now go make your own!

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Happy Birthday Blythe!

Today is my amazingly talented and really nice upline Blythe's birthday! She is turning 24 with a few years experience ;)

I didn't get to go shopping (see previous post) so all she got was this card:

As close to a copy from an old Papercrafts magazine as I could get! I think it turned out cute... I just wish it was attached to a present!

Every cupcake needs a little pink glitter! My cupcake stamp was too big to fit in the circle punch I wanted to use, so I just chopped off some of the "wrapper" at the bottom. 

Just the inside view. Not sure why the Hollyhock pink looks so red in this photo?

I like to make cards that open in fun ways! To me, this version of opening is more fun than the traditional card. 

Ok, so it's not that exciting. Let's remember that I haven't slept in 3 days...


Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Going CRAZY!

I am chained to my house sitting by both phones waiting for the surgery center to call and tell me when my 11-year-old is getting her tonsils and adenoids out... tomorrow...

I am going insane!

So to divert my mind, or at least part of it, I made a card:

This card is not an exact copy, but is pretty heavily inspired by a card I saw in an old Cards magazine. I got to use up some scraps! And cardboard! And acid-full ribbon I can't use on my pages!

Here is a quick view of the inside that kind of makes the whole "orange and oranges" theme work. At least I hope it makes it work...

Thanks for diverting you minds with me!

Don't worry; they will call between 8 and 5. 

Any time now. 

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Yes, it really IS a wedding card!

I needed a wedding card.
Like the reception was in 3 hours quick.

So after wasting 1/3 of those hours looking through books for something to copy (am I the only one?) this is what I came up with:

I know what you're thinking: zig-zag, orange, polka dots? This is NOT a wedding card! ...well YES IT IS! Trust me, I created it. 

I used the same color combo as all of the towels on their gift registry. They had zig-zags on their invite and their welcome mat. The invite was tied with bakers twine. And their date was printed in a circle. 

See? Perfect for a wedding! Perhaps not most weddings, but definitely for this one!

All the circle pieces are popped up and the card is cut to open in the middle. You could easily make the zig-zag piece into a pocket for a gift card, but mine just went into an envelope attached to above mentioned welcome mat :)

Happy unconventional wedding crafting!

Monday, August 13, 2012

Good Enough?

I'm nervous.

I have been invited to join a rather exclusive card group and I don't know if I am good enough...

You tell me:

This is what I came up with. I needed to use new product, the Flirty Paper Packet, and no discontinued stuff. Oh, and make 20!

I stamped the flower in 3 colors and cut them out separately so I could ink the edges a bit. Then I hooked them on with foam tape for even more dimension.

The awesomely beautiful ribbon is the new Rosette Ribbon. It was surprisingly simple to work with! I have seen people dye is and sponge it, but all I needed to do was glue it on :)

So you let me know.

Is this card good enough?

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

September Layout

I am super early this time! I was just excited to start using the NEW papers from Close To My Heart's NEW catalog!

Here is the layout my scrapbooking group will be making in September:

We will be using the NEW Scholastic Paper Pack. My whole family loves to read so I decided it was time to make a book layout!

I used the NEW Canvas Alphabet for the title and and OLD poem from Shel Silverstein :)

I am in love with the NEW Burlap Ribbon and the Bakers Twine! We are using lots of embellishments on this one... 

Contact me if you are in Utah County in September and want to join us!