Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Going CRAZY!

I am chained to my house sitting by both phones waiting for the surgery center to call and tell me when my 11-year-old is getting her tonsils and adenoids out... tomorrow...

I am going insane!

So to divert my mind, or at least part of it, I made a card:

This card is not an exact copy, but is pretty heavily inspired by a card I saw in an old Cards magazine. I got to use up some scraps! And cardboard! And acid-full ribbon I can't use on my pages!

Here is a quick view of the inside that kind of makes the whole "orange and oranges" theme work. At least I hope it makes it work...

Thanks for diverting you minds with me!

Don't worry; they will call between 8 and 5. 

Any time now. 

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