Thursday, August 16, 2012

Yes, it really IS a wedding card!

I needed a wedding card.
Like the reception was in 3 hours quick.

So after wasting 1/3 of those hours looking through books for something to copy (am I the only one?) this is what I came up with:

I know what you're thinking: zig-zag, orange, polka dots? This is NOT a wedding card! ...well YES IT IS! Trust me, I created it. 

I used the same color combo as all of the towels on their gift registry. They had zig-zags on their invite and their welcome mat. The invite was tied with bakers twine. And their date was printed in a circle. 

See? Perfect for a wedding! Perhaps not most weddings, but definitely for this one!

All the circle pieces are popped up and the card is cut to open in the middle. You could easily make the zig-zag piece into a pocket for a gift card, but mine just went into an envelope attached to above mentioned welcome mat :)

Happy unconventional wedding crafting!

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