Monday, July 30, 2012

Yep... Still Summer

We've already discussed that I am not a huge fan of Summer.

It's been extra hot and extra muggy lately; so I am extra uncomfortable... My kids are starting the nearing-the-end freak-out and driving me crazy... My house is a disaster filled with old clothes I attempted to organize and never finished...

So I think it's time to post something cute to remind me that this is supposed to be a happy fun time:

I made this banner forever ago, but finally just hung it up! It was designed by my super-talented upline Blythe, visit her blog HERE, who always makes cute things. Close up of each letter:

I was out of chipboard (I know, ridiculous) so these are backed with a cut-up Amazon box. It doesn't need to be acid-free to hang on the wall, right? 

Happy summer!

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Baby Cards

My friend is FINALLY getting her baby from Africa!!!

This called for baby cards!
She is getting a boy:

But I made a girl version too:

The center squares are popped up to add a bit of dimension and I happened to have matching tulle for both!

These cards are also my interpretation of the Heart2Heart challenge for the week: line, line, circle, square. Do you see it? Usually I avoid the more geometric challenges... but I really like how this one turned out! Check out their blog HERE to see other ideas or to participate.

On a more depressing note, it's my birthday.


I am turning a rather undesirable number this time...

But at least my Dahlias bloomed!

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Horrible Wholesome Sunshine

It is HOT here!

I hate being hot! At least when you are cold you can put on a sweater or something... you can only get so naked when it's hot... :)

Here is a really cute banner designed by my Close To My Heart upline Blythe (visit her blog HERE) celebrating this blasted heat:

 I learned that it is difficult to photograph banners all hung up! So I included a separate photo of each little banner-let:

Cute, huh! Blythe is super creative!

Although I hate being hot, I do still enjoy a good flip-flop :)

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Happy 4th of July!!!


I know you are supposed to outgrow it, but I still love fireworks!

That being said, here is a slightly more grown-up card for the Heart 2 Heart Patriotism Challenge:

I really wanted this card clean and composed. All I used was the red Glitz Glitter Gel on the stars to add a little bling.

I love sponging in 2 different colors! 

If you have never participated in Heart 2 Heart's challenges, visit their blog HERE to give it a try. Tons of great ideas!

Now if you will excuse me, my brother is lighting more fireworks...