Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Merry Christmas! -finally!

Nothing quite as exhilarating as waiting until the last minute! I finally finished my Christmas cards! All 24 this year! And here I thought I was cutting back...

This card gave me so much trouble! I was just trying to turn my Halloween card (see it HERE) into a Christmas card instead. I must have tried 7 different snowflake stamps for the center, 2 different embossing powders, and countless sparkles! All that and I ended up using my snowflake punch. 

 If you look closely, I sponged the background in blue to make my snowflake stand out. I also used Close To My Heart's clear Glitz Gel to make little sparkles on all the snowflakes. Every Christmas card needs a bit of bling!

Thanks for stopping by and MERRY CHRISTMAS from Tina's scrap crap!

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Christmas box

I have mentioned before what creative people I get to hang out with being a Close To My Heart consultant; so I was TERRIFIED that I had to make a "Christmas something" for a swap with all those creative people! The only rule was to stay under $10 and use all CTMH products. This is what I came up with:

From the outside it just looks like a present, but open it up and...

It's an exploding box! I love making these for Christmas! Someday I will post pictures of my other ones with different themes. I left this one pretty generic so whoever ended up with it could personalize it themselves. 

There are 8 little pockets with journaling tags inside and room for at least 9-21 photos! 

I am happy to report that the woman who ended up with my exploding Christmas box was happy, and the rest of the group was so impressed that I am teaching them all how to make it in January!!! Talk about an honor!

Just goes to show that maybe we shouldn't be so hard on ourselves all the time!

Monday, December 5, 2011

The countdown begins! ...5 days ago

Ok, so I didn't finish on time. At least I was close this year... Here is the cute Christmas Countdown box I started early November:

I used Close To My Heart's memory game cube. It has a strong magnetic closure and is pretty kid-proof. It comes with a countdown-convenient 24 cards inside.

So I came up with 24 things to do each day and decorated! A good old fashioned glue stick seems to work best with the chipboard. Plus it's cheap! 

A little warning: when you first get this box all the squares fit inside with lots of room to spare; after you add a few layers of paper it becomes a pretty tight fit. If you are using all 24 squares, I would NOT recommend any 3D embellishments at all. They will not fit!

Maybe I should start my Christmas cards now...