Monday, December 5, 2011

The countdown begins! ...5 days ago

Ok, so I didn't finish on time. At least I was close this year... Here is the cute Christmas Countdown box I started early November:

I used Close To My Heart's memory game cube. It has a strong magnetic closure and is pretty kid-proof. It comes with a countdown-convenient 24 cards inside.

So I came up with 24 things to do each day and decorated! A good old fashioned glue stick seems to work best with the chipboard. Plus it's cheap! 

A little warning: when you first get this box all the squares fit inside with lots of room to spare; after you add a few layers of paper it becomes a pretty tight fit. If you are using all 24 squares, I would NOT recommend any 3D embellishments at all. They will not fit!

Maybe I should start my Christmas cards now...

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