Wednesday, November 30, 2011

November layouts

Wow, it's been awhile! Here are the layouts we made at my scrapbook group in November: (sorry, I don't have time to edit them so they are a little rough)

This first one uses the Sonoma paper packet. Honestly, when I first saw this packet I was not impressed. It was a little... dull for my normal scrapbook subjects (crazy kids). But I really love how this layout turned out. It has a very regal feel to it that I think will be perfect for photos of my kids with their great-grandparents. Even if they are jumping on the couch at the time!

Just a close up of my strategic accordion pleats! I wanted them evenly spaced with the brads, so this took a bit of scrap paper practice!

This last one is the gorgeous Dreamin' paper. The big blank white spot is where a big colorful 8x10 will go. I have fall leaf pictures of me and my husband a few years back (ok, 9 years back) that match great.  

Lots of leaf cutting, but I love the look! After I get the pictures on I am going to trace the flourishes with Bronze glitz gel to add a bit of sparkle! 

I know what you are thinking, why didn't she just cut out the leaves with the Cricut? All the leaf stamps have a matching cut? Well yes, I could have done that and it is much faster; but I wanted a closer cut than what the Cricut does. Also my Cricut is buried right now... maybe next time!

Thanks for looking, back to the sick baby!

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