Tuesday, December 31, 2013

The last of Christmas

Thought I should post these before it's January and we can't even pretend it's Christmas anymore...

I scrapbooked just for FUN!

Weird, I know!

I used Close To My Heart Sparkle and Shine paper, matching chipboard embellishments, red shimmer tape, red bakers twine, silver embossing on the title, and my silver liquid pearls.

Sorry for the slightly funky coloring. I could NOT get the lighting right for anything! It's pretty paper, you'll just have to trust me :)

Same supplies! I like doing pages in groups using the same stuff. I don't have to use my brain as much and I get more finished!

Happy last day of 2013!

Friday, December 27, 2013

A little late...

I may have hopefully solved my blogging problems of late. 


Since it is now after Christmas, I'd thought I'd share my favorite decoration I made this year:

An ornament wreath! Yay! I know I'm a little behind just now jumping on the "ball wreath" bandwagon... But I don't care! I really LOVE how this turned out! 

It didn't take long, it didn't cost much, and it didn't need an instructional video. Perfect the-kids-are-home-all-at-once craft! 

And it's pretty! 



Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Layouts for December


Forgot to post these...

We doubled up again in December because all the paper packets are too cute to cut one out!

Here is layout #1:

We used the Frosted Paper Packet, Silver Shimmer Tape, Silver Glitz Gel, and Clear Sparkles.

I'm really mad they are discontinuing the glitter gel. I LOVE it. :(

I also used the amazingly awesome new Cricut Artbooking Cartridge to cut out all my snowflakes and the snowflake border. If you don't have this one, you NEED it!!!

And here is layout #2:

We used the limited edition Sparkle And Shine Paper Packet, the Sparkle And Shine Dimensional Elements, Red Shimmer Tape, and Red Glitz Gel.

The whole thing is pretty shiny... it's hard to photograph... you'll just have to trust me!

I loved ALL these papers!

Monday, December 16, 2013

DT Doodles #46

Crappy Blogger mixed with my off-and-on crappy computer made me have to just throw this one up on Facebook last week! Grrr...

But now it's working (knockonwood) so here goes!

Here is the Kiwi Lane sketch for last week:

And here is my 2-page version:

I couldn't wait any longer to try out my Kiwi Lane Winter set. LOVE the snowflake!!!

I outlined the snowflakes with Glitter Gel and popped them up a bit.

I'm pretty proud of my snowbear! The photos going on the layout are of my husband and kids making a snowbear out of real snow. I got pretty close with my paper version! :) 

Even though the official contest is over, you can still go HERE to see what other people made. 

Happy Blogger-is-actually-working Day!

Monday, December 9, 2013

Why I've Been Gone...

I promise I have a good excuse for the last 2 weeks...

I have a friend named Allison who just survived her 5th open heart surgery. As happy as everyone is that she is okay, her little family has medical bills coming out their adorable ears! A bunch of us put together a craft boutique where 100% of the funds would go to the DenBoer family :)

So I've been making these:

I made 12 of each card for a grand total of 120 cards!!! I figure I have the supplies and I can make the time... but I have no cash... so this is the next best thing I can do!

You can make some pretty cool things out of some pretty inexpensive pieces of wood:

9 stacking trees out of one 2x2!

6 snowmen out of one 2x4! (Thank you Tif for doing the faces)

And 5 groups of presents from one 4x4!

ps- all those wood measurements are totally off bytheway. Men!

Allison and her youngest daughter have Marfan's Snydrome. She is an inspiration! It's almost annoying how positive she always is despite the past 10 years of her life! You can read all about her story and participate in an online auction HERE. Or email me and I can help you help her :)


That's why I've been gone!

And it was soooo worth it!

Get better Allison!!!