Thursday, February 9, 2012

Happy (early) Valentine's Day!

My husband hates when I make him cards. He appreciates them, but then feels like he must save them, and really he just wants to throw them away...

so I made Valentine cards for my card group and the Heart 2 Heart Valentine challange!

I left them blank. I feel there is nothing tackier than a heartfelt message to a loved one written by a stranger :) Here is a close up of the flower:

Always been a sucker for flourish stamps! I think I own every single one Close To My Heart has made in the past 5 years!

Happy Valentine's Day!


  1. Beautiful card, great color combo! Lovin that flower!!! Thanks for sharing!!!!

  2. Tina -

    Beautiful card! I love the pairing of Perfect Day with the purple cardstock!

    I chuckled when I read about your husband feeling like he needs to keep everything you make. I've actually asked my kids if they want to throw away older projects (like cards or candy boxes) I've made them as it really wouldn't hurt my feelings after a year or so but they won't let me!

    Thanks for sharing your art and joining us at Heart2Heart Challenges this week!

    Paige - DT

  3. Had to laugh at your post.........must be why so many cards are on my husband's desk...he is afraid to throw them out! Love the flower and flourish combo! Thanks for joining us at H2H!

  4. Really pretty card. I am a flourish collector also... i love your blog title... my husband calls my scrapbooking room my Crap Room...