Friday, March 30, 2012

Expo Recap- part 1

It's only been one week since the Scrapbook Expo and I am already missing it! I figure posting about all the fun I had might help me relive it a bit :)

I was able to take 3 classes this year!!! All mini-books, my favorite! Here is mini-book number one:

This is a beautiful 8x8 acrylic and chipboard album by the creative people at Clear Scraps. (visit their site HERE) The owners of this company are a husband and wife team. She is the artistic genius and he hand-cuts the acrylic!

I went a little overboard with the "pearls" on my album... because I LOVE them! They are pearls in a bottle! So economical and easy to use, I bought a few:

Obviously a fan! 

I also loved the gold around the edges of everything! That comes from these leafing pens:

It glides on really smooth and looks amazing on acrylic!

I learned one AMAZING thing from this class that totally cured all my fears of working with acrylic: 

With non-acetone nail polish remover, you can remove ANY (yes, even Staz-on) messed up stamping or stray adhesive FOR UP TO A YEAR!!! I know this works because I hit a bump in the table with my stamp and had the embarrassing opportunity to try it out in class. Wipes right off!

Stay tuned, more expo fun to come!

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