Friday, November 2, 2012

"Thanksgiving" tree...

..ha ha! Psych! It's a Halloween tree:

I found this awesome little wood-cutting store just around the corner with really good prices! Visit their cute blog HERE and make your own stuff :) 

In the store this tree was labeled "Thanksgiving Tree" and the sample was all done up in fall colors with leaves and hearts... but I thought painting it black and sticking bats out of the top would be better! Never been much of a cutesy-heart person.

The tree part I painted silver and crackled black over the top. If you have never used the "weathered wood crackling medium" at your local store, now is the time to get some and play. 

The bats are glued to hanger wire and stuck into holes kindly drilled by my husband into the top of the tree. I learned that fine glitter does not do well when sealed with ModPodge! Spray it with a shiny finishing spray instead. And then add googly eyes. Everything is better with glitter and googly eyes!

I gave this to my mother-in-law for her birthday. Yes, she did actually request a Halloween tree decoration! And yes, she liked it. 

Since I ended up using all neutral colors (black and grey) I can enter my tree in Heart2Heart's neutral challenge! Go visit their blog HERE to enter the fun weekly challenges. 

Happy 2 days after Halloween!

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  1. Thanks for playing along with Heart 2 Heart! Just checking - did you use any products from CTMH on this project?