Monday, February 3, 2014

Iolite #9

So.... This is my new friend's fault!

I was mentioning that I was going to try to enter other sketch contests since Kiwi Lane is only twice a month now, and mentioned that I liked Scrapbook Steals Mid-Week-Mojo sketches, and mentioned that I was too far behind in the series to get started...

And the crazy woman convinced me that I could catch up!

And I believed her!!

So here is Iolite #9:

And here is my two-page version:

Yep, sketch #9 out of 10 and I am trying to get all 8 before that done! In a week! Crazy!

But I might get a whole ton of scrapbooking accomplished!

The title really isn't invisible, just hard to photograph! I tried to alter my Thickers to look like hail. I think I got close.

The pictures you can't see are my baby playing in the hail Daddy brought inside. They're cute!

Go HERE to see other interpretations.

Darn you Kristy Lee!!!

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