Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Hello blog world!

Ok Aunt Chantre, today I looked out the window and saw a pig landing gracefully like a butterfly in my backyard; so it was time to start a blog!

Hello and welcome to my little chunk of the crafty world!

The goal is to use this blog to force myself to be creative more often. I have found that unless I am accountable to someone, even things I enjoy doing just don't get done! Hopefully you will see lots of artwork, links, and even some tutorials as I get this going. Please be patient as I learn how to post...

Now that we are done with the intro, here is the reason I started making cards:

Not quite sure what's happening with the color, but you get the idea. I entered this card in the Close To My Heart consultant contest in January and WON! This card uses the Sophia paper, pearls, a discontinued stamp set (sorry), and my favorite sweet leaf green ribbon. The ribbon is stitched on both edges, so all you have to do to gather it is pull on the stitching! Just make sure you tie off the other end first or you'll just pull the string all the way out... Here is a detail close-up:

Now maybe I can be motivated to create another card! Thanks for visiting!

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