Thursday, October 11, 2012

Shameless Copies

I wanted to avoid mailing my card-group cards so badly that I made 72 cards in 3 days!!! 12 each of 6 different patterns!

So you can see why I needed to borrow someone else's creativity!

Here are 2 of said cards:

This card is as close to a direct copy as I could get with the paper I had on hand. See page 73 in the Close To My Heart Spring/Summer 2012 Idea Book. Yep. There it is! Pretty though, huh? 

This card is at least changed a little bit, besides just the different paper and ribbon and edge punches... See the front cover of Northridge Publishing's Cards magazine for July 2009. (It's one of those super-expensive subscriptions that no normal person can afford so we all buy them years later for $1 at a warehouse sale) My ribbon "bow" lays so perfectly behind the button because it is a cheater bow! Thank you Tresa Black! Visit her blog HERE to watch a video tutorial and make your own fake bows.

I hear tonsillectomy child #2 coughing, time for drugs!

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