Friday, April 26, 2013

Another Kiwi Lane Challenge...

I know, I know, two Kiwi Lane Challenges in a row...

I'm so sucked in!

Here is the sketch:

Do you see the problem? 

It's a one-pager!!!

I cannot think of a single time in my life I took so few photos of ANYTHING that they could fit on one page!

So I just stretched it:

I think it turned out really good! The photos that go on it are my kids playing outside in winter coats right after the ground has thawed...sort of... So the clouds and sunshine are perfect!

I had very limited time to make this layout (one almost-2-year-old nap) so I did end up using some alphabet stickers *gasp* and HAND JOURNALING *gasp and groan* with my horrendous handwriting! 

It's ok though...

I still like it :)

Go HERE to see if anyone else used their dreaded alphabet stickers!


  1. I love how you stretched the one pager into a two pager- great job!