Friday, April 12, 2013

Kiwi Lane Addiction

Yay! Photos on my blog!

Forever thank you to Tresa Black for answering my emails and teaching me to shrink my pictures! She is amazing, by the way, visit her blog HERE.

So! Kiwi Lane! 

For some reason there is always a crowd around this booth and I always miss it at the expo... but I definitely found it this time! 

I got SUCKED IN!!! 

Kiwi Lane is amazing! They have these see-through templates for 12 inch borders, 8 inch borders, cards, photos, shapes, etc... And they use a concept they call "framing" to build scrapbook pages... just go visit their site HERE, they can explain it better than I can!  

I admit, I was scared to use my few templates once I got home. What if I did it "wrong"? What if I ended up hating it? What if it made things super hard instead of easier? 

And then I saw a sketch challenge at their blog...

It was a sign! And I would LOVE to win a $25 gift certificate...

So here is what I came up with:

Holy crap these templates are awesome!!! They are great to work with! The most time-consuming part of this page was choosing paper!

I used the Paisley Place 12 inch borders, Big Floral, Little Floral, and Little Wildflowers (might not be the actual names... but close) The sketch uses different templates, but the Kiwi Lane people are nice and let you adapt to fit what you have!

This giant flower is my favorite!

Check out the actual Kiwi Lane blog post HERE to see what everyone else did.

So now you know my newest scrapbook obsession! I love that it isn't brand-specific and doesn't rely on other tools. You literally need scissors, glue, and paper. Gosh I wonder if I have any paper... ;) 

Good to be back!

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  1. Just saw your post/blog and I'm the next ADDICT coming down! I'll be @ Scrapbook Expo in Orlando and can't wait to give these a try. Your l/o is very beautiful and "polished". I think that's what I love best about KL...the finished project looks "polished" !!
    Creative Wishes
    Claire S