Wednesday, March 5, 2014

DT Doodles #5

I am early this week!

It's waaaaaaay before Sunday night ;)

Here is Kiwi Lane's DT Doodle #5 sketch:

And here is my layout:

If you don't like sparkly stuff, now would be a good time to go to a different blog...

The pictures are my little boy helping my little girl get all her princess bracelets on.

Yes, all at once.

So I put pearls along the edge of one template, glitter gel along the other, and a sequin strip down the center!

The butterflies are sparkly gold with more glitter gel and rhinestones middles.

See? Sparkly!

I happen to LOVE sparkly stuff, so this definitely works for me!

Visit Kiwi Lane's blog HERE to see other, perhaps less sparkly, layouts :)

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