Monday, March 17, 2014


I thought I would share a good last-minute craft for St. Patrick's Day:

A paper wreath!!!

Don't be scared! This really is super easy and surprisingly quick!

I was originally inspired by this wreath HERE. She has a great tutorial you can check out if my fast version doesn't work for you...

*cheap straw wreath with the plastic ON
*tons of cheap ribbon to wrap said wreath
*6 different patterns of scrapbook paper (2 sheets of each)
*paper cutter
*glue gun and extra glue sticks

Step One:
cover the ugly straw wreath with your ribbon. You really don't see any of the ribbon, but I picked a green color just to be safe!

Step Two:
cut a bazillion 1x6 inch strips of paper. I needed about 22 strips for my first row, 28 for the second, 33 for the third, 37 for the fourth, 40 for the fifth, and 42 for the sixth.

Step Three:
glue each paper strip together at the bottom, making sure not to crease your paper!

Step Four:
starting on the inside of your wrapped wreath frame, glue on the paper strips in a row.

Step Five:
glue on row two right behind row one. Things look kinda goony at this point... just keep going!

Step Six-Nine:
keep gluing on rows! It's up to you how smashed together you want things. I liked mine a bit more open. 

Step Ten:
glue a loop on the back for hanging and Ta-Da!!!

You just made a cute paper St. Patrick's Day wreath in one sitting!!!

...or several sittings!

Whatever it takes to get crafty!


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