Monday, July 11, 2016

MWM Orchid #10

Stupid Bronchitis!!!

I am getting NOTHING done!

I forced myself to finish just this one little layout because tomorrow is my birthday and I need to do JUST ONE THING fun while I'm coughing my lungs out...

Anyway, here is Scrapbook Steals' Mid Week Mojo Orchid #10 sketch:

And here is my of course 2-page version:

Darn Out On A Limb had a sale again, so I just had to make the layout work around my new ice cream cut-outs:

The title didn't stand a chance against my super busy background! I added strips of white paper lined in pink pen and then attacked the letters with my sparkle ink:

MUCH better!!!

Make sure to visit Scrapbook Steals blog HERE for tons of cute stuff!

Here's to another fun filled night of cough attacks!

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