Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Last Minute Patriotism!

I finished yesterday!

I am so proud!

I realized awhile back that I had a grand total of *one* 4th of July decoration. Woo Hoo. So of course I went to the Wood Connection and fixed that problem!

But then it was June 30th and I had a patriotic pile of unfinished wood...

So I've been a little busy ;)

Here are my flags-on-a-stick:

And my fireworks:

And my flag:

This is how everything was finished:

I painted, glued paper, sanded the heck out of the edges, inked, and covered the entire finished product with Mod Podge so it's relatively kid-proof. 


And here is my USA:

I finished this one a little different:

I still painted, sanded, inked, etc... But I tore and inked strips of paper and glued them on separately for some texture. It was a bit more complicated and took some time, but I think it looks awesome!

I used the Authentique "Pride" paper line for everything so it coordinates. I don't have the largest decorate-able area, so it looks nicer when all my smashed together decor matches! 

Plus I love that paper. 

Happy July 4th!

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