Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Winter Decor

 I thought maybe I could get my January decorations posted before February!

So here they are:

This one is from last year, but my blog was broken so you never saw it! It is from The Wood Connection, of course, along with everything else wooden on my blog...

I HEAVILY glittered the sides with the cheap chunky Walmart glitter that I thought was perfect for snow.

This is my favorite part. A super glittered snowman with black rhinestone eyes. Yep. He's sparkly and he likes it!

These ones are new! Because I had a trio of something for every holiday so far except the celebration of snow... Luckily my husband is sensitive to my OCD and even waited in the car while I bought these. With his blessing!

I added a few sparkles and covered the sides again with the same glitter left over from last year. Yes, the entire house looks like a fairy princess exploded. Definitely the drawback to indoor-winter crafting!

I also glittered the bases a little because they looked awfully boring down there after all the bling on top!

Sadly, this is all my winter decor...

For now...


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