Friday, May 16, 2014

Split Pea Wreath

Ok, I realize EVERYONE has already made one of these...

But it's new to me!

I made a Split Pea Wreath:

I really like it! Especially on my black door!

For the few people in the world that have NOT made one of these and posted it EVERYWHERE, here is a little tutorial!


I changed my mind 1/2 way through to what I consider a much better way!

You will need:

* a wreath form. I used the largest straw wreath form known to Man found at Hobby Lobby.
* a pan. Please do not use your favorite pan!
* glue. Mod Podge is pictured because that is what EVERY other tutorial suggested, but I switched to a glue gun later...
* bags of green Split Peas. I ended up using 4 1/2 bags.

1. Dump a pretty deep layer of peas into your pan:

2. With your wreath in and/or over the pan of peas, GENEROUSLY spread on your glue. This picture is my Mod Podge attempt:

3. Scoop up a handful of peas and press them into the glue:

4. Repeat repeat repeat until you have a scant layer of peas all over your wreath.  

*****Please expect a GIGANTIC mess!!! We're talking worse than glitter because it hurts when you step barefoot on peas!*****

5. Carefully walk away and let things dry really good.

6. Here is where all the other tutorials tell you to keep doing layers of Mod Podge and Peas until fully covered.

Well after 2 days and 3 "layers" this is all I had:

I do NOT have time for that crap!!!

So out came the glue gun!

7. Squeeze out a thick layer of glue gun glue onto a little patch of wreath, still trying to keep things contained over that pan:

8. Press a handful of peas into your hot glue. As long as you get a big enough handful, you will not even get burned! Hold it there for a second:

9. Dump off the excess into the pan and repeat...

Yes, you can only do a 2x2 inch section at a time with the glue gun, but the results after one "layer" look like this:

Sooooo.... DONE!!!

I'd rather do a little at a time and have it work than spend all week doing big and useless patches!

10. Spray a few generous layers of finishing spray to keep the sun fading minimal.

11. Glue some felt circles or something on the back because HOLY COW these peas will scrape up your door!


Good luck!

Seriously though,


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