Friday, December 19, 2014

Burlap Petal CHRISTMAS Wreath

I couldn't go to the Pinner's Conference a few months ago.

Mostly because I didn't want to...

But I DID want to make this:

Super cute Burlap Petal wreath by the insanely creative girls over at Find it, Make it, Love it!

Luckily for people like me they made a step by step tutorial on their blog HERE.

If anything I say doesn't make sense, try their tutorial instead...

I made a slightly fuller CHRISTMAS version:

I absolutely LOVE it and it was one of the quickest/easiest/best-turning-out-est wreaths I've ever made!

You will need:
*straw wreath form (mine is the big 18" one)
*plain burlap for covering the form
*decorative burlap for your "petals" (I used 40 feet of burlap ribbon)
*something for your bow
*hot glue gun and TONS of sticks

To make the "petals":

Cut a 5x5 square of burlap:

Fold down the top to make a triangle. Glue the bottom point together:

Fold down one side point to the bottom point. Glue the points together:

Fold down the other side point to the bottom point. Make sure all the points are glued together:

Now the original tutorial had you just make the petal and pin it on, but I needed a bit more durability... so I glued!

Once you have a pretty good pile going (I ended up needing 84), you can start to assemble.

Cover your wreath frame with more burlap:

Start in the center of your wreath. Put glue ONLY on the bottom point of your petal and glue it on. I also put a pin in mine:

Now glue another petal right in front of your first petal, overlapping as much as you like: 

Continue until you have the whole middle row finished. (I had to snip off the bottom tip of my last petal to squeeze it in at the end):

Now start the inner row! Glue/pin one petal between each center petal FACING THE OPPOSITE DIRECTION, again overlapping as much as you like:

Just keep gluing/pinning one petal in each gap. The inner row is more crowded, so you'll need to overlap a bit more:

Ok, you probably noticed my petals in the above picture are spaced every-other gap. This is what the original tutorial told me to do. I ended up liking a really-full look better, so I altered (ripped off) my first attempt and ended up with this for the inner row:

The outer row is super easy and by now you've got this down! Glue/pin a petal for every center row gap IN THE OPPOSITE DIRECTION of the center:

This outside row has a bit more room, so you will need to have less of an overlap:

Here is what everything should look like all done:

The bow is obviously optional, but I like the look! I just used the leftover burlap from wrapping my wreath frame! The Find It, Make It, Love It tutorial has a great tip on how to make a "cheater" bow that is always perfect:


Go make your own!

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