Monday, December 29, 2014

Glitter Coffee Filter Wreath!

Ok guys!

This wreath is HUGE, MESSY, and TIME CONSUMING!



My husband hates it...

It doesn't *ahem* store well...

Ready to make one? You will need:

-a white styrofoam wreath frame.
(mine is 18")
-a bazillion coffee filters
(mine are 2 different sizes...oops...I just alternated and it worked fine)
-mod podge
-glue gun and sticks
-big marker of some sort
-TONS of glitter
(seriously. that little thing in the picture made it one row)

Step One:
Stuff your marker down the center of a coffee filter so it forms this shape:

Step Two:
Take the marker out and hold that shape while you dip it in mod podge and then glitter. I eventually moved the glitter to a paper cup and it worked SO MUCH nicer than the paper plate:

Step Three:
Put the marker back in the coffee filter. Use your glue gun to put glue on just the center circle made by the marker and press it to your wreath frame:

This is where the HUGE MESS begins...

Step Four:
Continue around the entire outside edge of your wreath frame:

Step Five:
Keep going row by row towards the center. It does get easier...:

 ...and eventually Ta-Da:

You could totally leave it like this if you wanted to! It is super glittery (if somewhat difficult to photograph) and looks great already:

But I spent all of 79 cents on this pile of clearance fluff and needed to use it:

I still think it's awesome:

Go make one!!!

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