Sunday, June 21, 2015


What does a crafty girl do for Father's Day decorations...?

Why she makes a fishing wreath, naturally!

In my adventures as Camp Director I happened upon some clearance fishing ribbon and little fishies. So of course I bought them! And they only sat on my floor for a few months before I actually used them!!! This is good for me...

Here's how to make your own!

All you really need is a wire wreath frame and TONS of ribbon:

Cut your ribbon into strips at whatever length pleases you. Mine are 8" for the inner row, then 9", then 11", and finally 12" for the outer row. How many you need will depend on the width of your ribbon and how close together you feel like tying them.

Start on the outer wire first. Fold your ribbon in half, loop it through the wire, and pull the ends through to tie on the ribbon like this:

And repeat: 

Eventually you will finish the entire outer row:

Just repeat the tying process with your other ribbons, working inward, and in no time you will have this:

Here is a close up of my ribbons:

I really wanted the fishing patterns to show, so I didn't smash my ties together too much... Also I had a limited amount of ribbon and no chance of finding more at the store...

Now you can stop here and your wreath will be lovely!

Or if you happen to find yourself in possession of some matching wooden fishies, this is when you would tie them onto some spaces in your ribbon ties like this:

I left the edges of all my ribbon and fishie tying raw because after all this IS a MAN wreath!

There's an oxymoron for you...

The ribbons all bounce off each other to give the wreath great dimension on your door:

I do love the fishies!

Go make your own!


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