Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Sunshine for Everyone!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Fabulously Artsy Tresa Black!!!

Because she is THAT kind of person, for her OWN birthday she made a card sketch for us bunch of strangers:

I knew right off that I would make the circle a sunshine. I have a friend in desperate need of some sunshine... and I'm out of money so she gets a card!

So here is my card:

My sunshine stamp ended up needing a larger circle than the sketch, so I had to alter my sentiment a bit.

I think it's SIGNIFICANTLY brighter and maybe busier than my normal cards...? Maybe no...? Either way, I really like how it turned out! 

After I stamped my sunshine I used my pearl pens to add a bit pf prettiness! 

I really hope this cheers up my friend at least a little bit!

Visit The Stamp Goddess Tresa Black's blog HERE to see other cute cards.

Happy sunshine!

1 comment:

  1. Awesome card! Thanks for playing along on my sketch challenge. Love what you did with the pearl paints on the sun stamp!