Monday, September 2, 2013

Aquamarine #8

I figured I might as well keep going with the Scrapbook Steals Aquamarine Mid Week Mojo series!

Here is sketch Aquamarine #8:

And here is the (surprise) 2-page layout I turned it into:
I finally did a boy page! It seems so much easier to scrapbook girls... just slap some flowers and bling and done...
But I thought with the tags and the lines this sketch had some more manly potential!
So now it is a page about my boy a looooong time ago when he was just an adorable toddler and not a giant turd of a seven-year-old!
Not that he's been difficult lately or anything...

Lots of manly toddler lines and tags!
I like it! I need to "force" myself to scrapbook boys more often!
Go HERE to see what other people forced themselves to do with this sketch :)

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