Friday, September 20, 2013

Not Good Enough


I've known I didn't make it for awhile, but it really hits home when I see all the ladies that did :(

Kiwi Lane posted their new design team HERE and I am not on it.


I keep reminding myself that I don't scrapbook to win awards. I don't scrapbook to be popular. And I certainly don't scrapbook just to get free product!

Oh, wait... yes I do...

Anyway, here are the projects I made to "try out" for the design team:

 Another crazy box-pleated tulle layout! Still love this paper!

 I used the bracket templates and a lot of scraps to make a rainbow card.

 I set the actual slippers from the photos in front of me for inspiration for this layout. It turned out perfect!

 Next year's refrigerator calendar.

LOTS of flowers! This one looked especially great with the photos of my wiggle little baby on it :)

Looking back it sucks that I didn't make the design team; but I love everything that I submitted,  I got a lot of scrapbooking done, and I had some good "crafty me" time.

And that should be what matters!

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