Sunday, September 8, 2013

DT Doodles #34

I do not like the new keyboard.

The buttons push funny and the spacebar is too small and I feel like I have to type all hunched over with my hands squished together...

Nobody likes change, right?!

But I guess the stupid new keyboard did come with the new computer which all my pictures actually fit on and load in under 2 hours...

So here is Kiwi Lane's DT Doodles sketch #34:

No 2-page adapting needed this time!
Here is my layout:
Believe it or not, this is not really a Halloween layout! Really! The photos are my kids checking out a rather large spider in it's gigantic web in my flowerbed. 

I used some "plant paper" that we will just say is of vintage scrapbooking age to make my spiders. It was a huge pain to work with, but it turned out perfect! After all, the spider in the pictures is pretty hairy and textured!
I don't think anyone else did spiders, but go HERE to see other people's creations at Kiwi Lane.
Off to scrub my inky fingers!

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