Wednesday, October 9, 2013

DT Doodles #39

It was strange.

The Kiwi Lane challenge for the week was a CHALLENGE, not a SKETCH!

The challenge was to make a card with a decorative edge.

...and then they later happily added a few card sketches for those of us that love them!

I picked this card:

Because I have been wanting to copy it since I saw it in the Kiwi Lane Idea Book. 

Here is mine:

 I used more a more subdued color palate for mine since the occasion it's going to is not necessarily cheerful. But I think the darker colors sophisticate it a bit. Which is good :)

Some of the very first Kiwi Lane templates I purchased were the 8" Mini Borders. I LOVE them! As you can see, they work perfectly to add decorative edges to the sides of long cards.

Go HERE to see some cute challenge cards!

Off to work on Halloween...

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  1. Beautiful card! Thanks for participating in the challenge!