Sunday, October 6, 2013

Happy World Card Making Day! ...yesterday...

So yesterday was World Cardmaking Day!

I know, who knew?

Kiwi Lane issued a card making challenge in honor of this holiday I didn't know existed :)

Create a card using at least 3 of the following:
-the words "smile" or "you"
-the color green
-washi tape
-a pinwheel

I decided to use THE ENTIRE list! ALL of it!

Here is my card:

It is important to know that I really did make this card yesterday!!! On the actual World Card Making day! Just really really close to midnight so it couldn't be posted til today...

You would think with that big of a list I would feel really limited and it would be difficult and take forever... But this was actually a pretty quick card! Sometimes it's nice to be "limited" in what you can use. Then I don't have to stare at my walls of supplies and be frozen by too many possibilities!

Anyway, I like it a lot!

Happy Day-After World Card Making Day!

Go make a card :)

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