Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Basic Sketch #????

I have honestly lost track of what number of Kiwi Lane Basic Sketches we are on...

And now that it's all been moved to their Facebook page, I REALLY have no idea...

So here is a mystery number of a sketch for this week:

I have been waiting for a layout idea with 4 vertical photos on one side, so I was SUPER prepared already with photos and paper!

Here is my take:

It's not a Halloween layout, I promise, the colors just matched my photos and the patterned paper!

I have resolved to use my vast supply of stamps more lately:

I have to at least ATTEMPT to justify my purchases!

Sometimes it scares me when I have a lot of journaling to do. I worry that it will get all clumped together and not look good and turn into a big chunk of boringness...

So I decided to make a list of "directions" about my photos:

Lots of information in an aesthetically pleasing and easier (to me at least) form!

Visit Kiwi Lane's Facebook page HERE for tons of ideas!

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