Saturday, April 12, 2014

Easter Decor #1

Darn the Wood Connection!!!

It's obviously all their fault for existing and forcing me to go into their store and twisting my arms to buy ALL their stuff...

So I have a lot of wooden Easter decor!

I decided to break up the bunny and chick and egg monotony and just show you a few things at a time.

Today we will start with things that are Easter FOOD!

Starting with my favorite:

I love this one!!! In the store the bunny was just plain, but me husband is AWESOME and humored me with his manly saw or dremel of some sort and did this:

My "chocolate" bunny has a bite out of it's ears!!! Sooooo much more fun! 

And what is Easter without Peeps:

 Turns out super-fine glitter looks like peep sugar!

I had to give in and buy the vinyl that went with this one. It was just too perfect... only it came saying "peeps welcome" so I just cut it up and swapped the order before I applied it!

Now I need some Cadbury Mini Eggs...

Stay turned for lots more!

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