Saturday, April 19, 2014

Easter Decor #4

Since we always somehow end up dyeing eggs at the last second, I thought we should save all the EGGS til last!

Of course in pairs of threes:

I've tried, I really have!!! It just HAS to be a set of 3! I've even bought just 2 of something, and then had to go back for a third...

I may have an actual problem...

Again, 3 eggs:

Only these ones are covered in BLING!

My husband's exact words, "Wow. Those look....80s..."

I'm trying to decide if I'm offended or not.

Only the fronts have rhinestones. I just tied ribbon up the sides:

But it's sparkly ribbon!

So, usually at the Wood Connection everything is so cute already that I never feel the need to get super creative and alter things... but there was no "three things on a stick" option for Easter!

I know...

So I had to make one:

Well, my awesome husband (HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!) actually did most of it. I just got 2 small and 1 medium eggs, posts, and square stands. He drilled the holes and I did all the fun girly stuff!

I sanded all the edges and then inked them a few shades darker:

I am in love with this Springtime paper line from DoodleBug!

The carrots:

The bunnies:

The birds:

I need it ALL!!!

Getting egg-cited for Easter!

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